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Contact me if you are sick and tired of traditional "chasing, hunting and hounding" type business development grunt work, and you would like to generate more business on autopilot.


Tom "Bald Dog" Varjan

Address: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Email: or tvarjan(at)gmail(dot)com

Phone: (604) 638-9850 (By appointment only, set via email)

Also, if you put [Bald Dog] in the subject line, your email gets filtered into a specific folder, so it can't get caught in the junk folder. And although I regularly check my junk folder, for the sake of speed I encourage you to use the [Bald Dog] tag in the subject line.

There is one more thing...

Some people say it's not professional to use a Gmail email address. Maybe not. But I can tell you it's more reliable than the email service 99.99% of hosting companies provide.

Why? Because, unlike most hosting companies that live hand-to-mouth, Google actually has the money to invest both in top-notch technology and top-tier talents to build kick-arse applications, so Google's services are nipplipiercingly reliable. And for me reliability is more important than merely looking business-like.

I'm a bit of a practical guy. You could say, a down-and-dirty pragmatist. It probably comes from my engineering background or the military. Hope you understand.

When you contact me, you will NOT be added to any database. Your name is also treated as top secret and 100% confidential. I practise total client confidentiality, so I never reveal the names of my clients.

Why I Prefer Email

Since I've been told several times that I should be readily available on telephone, I've decided to write down why I prefer email as a means of communication. Basically, except for paying clients, I faded the telephone out of my life in 2003 because I had grown tired of playing constant telephone tag.

Many people couldn't keep even pre-arranged phone appointments. With paying clients it's different because they have skin in the deal, so we all are motivated to successfully complete engagements.

My idea with email is to be responsive to everyone who contacts me, and effective at doing my work and rendering my services. Email helps me to do just that. So, here are some points that may help you to understand the method to my madness.

Thanks for understanding.

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