Privacy, Spam And Other Fiendishly Exciting Policies

I am always conscious and respectful of your personal privacy. I recognise the importance of protecting your personal information, especially because a few years ago I was an identity theft victim and my bank account was cleared out rather thoroughly. Of course, the bank denied responsibility.

What Information Do You Collect and How Do You Use It?

If you opt in to my newsletter, I collect your first name and email address. Here and there I may collect the name of the country or city you're residing, so when I do a local gig either in Vancouver or somewhere else, I can inform only the people who live in and around that specific area, but don't bug people who live somewhere at the far end of the Galaxy just behind the Horsehead Nebula.

When you buy my services or products, your payments go through a third party reputable payment provider, which means, only they handle your credit card information. I have no access to it in any way.

Sometimes I may ask you to voluntarily provide me with information regarding your personal or professional interests, demographics, experience with my products or services, and contact preferences. I use this information to better customise my "keep-in-touch" processes.

Who Do You Share My Personal Information with?

With nobody. I treat each piece of information as 100% confidential and top secret. And being a one-person business, I have no one to share your information with.

My Privacy and Spam Policy

All spammers are slime balls. I am lobbying for the declaration of permanent hunting season with the most powerful weapons to eliminate cyber scumbags from the face of the planet. I strongly believe that slow agonising death is the only way of dealing with spammers who torture honest folks with cheap pirate software, pyramid scams or breast and penis enlargement offers.

Every piece of communication goes out only to people who opted in for it. I sometimes contact people once only, and give them a chance either to opt in to my newsletter or other bits and bobs or tell me to get lost and go to hell.

Upon contacting me, your name will neither be added to any email list nor shared with anyone for any reason.

Again, your name and email are treated as top secret and 100% confidential.

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